Carer Recruitment - Outsourced Recruitment for Care Providers
  • Can’t find the people you need to fill permanent vacancies and grow your business?
  • Declining contracts due to a shortage of the right people?
  • Shelling out for agency workers, Indeed ads or recruiters?
  • Recruiting taking longer and costing more than you can afford?
  • Is recruitment holding you back from delivering outstanding care?


Work with us and build your business

Deliver better quality care
Increase recruitment ROI and net profit
Improve employee retention
Free up time and resources
Reduce advertising fees
Beat competition to talent
Improve CQC compliance
Strengthen your employer brand

We help care providers attract, hire and retain the right staff, with the right values for their business.

If you’d like to learn how our managed recruitment service will improve your care business, let’s chat today.

Home / Domiciliary Care

Grow your business with our managed recruitment service.

  • It’s challenging for busy owners, directors or registered managers to maintain a swift, best practise recruitment process
  • Purpletribe accelerates the quality and quantity of available care hours, so you can win new contracts
  • Share your goals with us and we’ll tailor your recruitment service, based on our experience with businesses like yours
  • If you operate a franchise model, we can help support your franchisees with a ‘total recruiting solution’ too

Purpletribe have transformed our recruitment and growth. We’ve increased our client base by 15% since they joined the team. They support us so well, we just can’t imagine going back to the way we did it before – Adrian Mullins, Managing Director Cura Care

In the 12 months before engaging Purpletribe, Cura Care had onboarded just 3 new carers on rota. The directors explored an in-house solution, but the projected time and cost to implement were becoming alarming.

This case study shows how Purpletribe transformed Cura Care’s recruitment results and ROI, for their home care business.

Purpletribe helped CuraCare increase headcount by 29% in just 9 months and increase revenue by 20% (16% to 36%), compared to 0% growth In the previous 12 months.

Residential / Nursing Care

Reduce / eliminate agency dependency and take on more packages with our managed recruitment service.

  • It’s estimated that over 90% of residential care providers in the UK struggle with high agency spend.  This affects their ability to deliver consistent levels of quality care and can wipe out the bottom line
  • Purpletribe improves the quality of care home teams, relieving pressure on busy Registered Managers
  • If you run a single residential home, ask us about our ‘pay as you go’ service, which is tailored specifically for you

Our partnership with Purpletribe demonstrated significant and measurable improvements across our entire recruitment process within just 16 weeks. It’s been an amazing success. – Phil Gould, Services Director Standwalk

Standwalk had been struggling with recruitment and staffing for years and despite various attempts to manage in-house, their agency costs and open vacancies continued to drain time, resources and profits.

This case study shows how Purpletribe transformed Standwalk’s recruitment results and ROI, for their care and nursing homes.

Key results include a 72% reduction in vacancies within 16 weeks.

Live-In Care

Reduce / eliminate agency dependency with our manged recruitment service.

  • High agency spend affects your ability to deliver high quality live-in care and squeezes tight margins
  • Purpletribe helps you recruit, check and confirm the experience, qualifications and capability you need for your clients
  • We help you engage self employed or ‘directly employed’ live-in carers that match your individual client’s requirements

Purpletribe removes recruitment headaches and frees up your time, so you can focus on running the business and improving the quality of care.

  • You’ll get best-in-class recruitment support, delivered by experts that have worked in care and understand both the demands of the job and what it takes to be a great carer.
  • You’ll save time and feel less stressed because our team oversee your DBS checks, references and other onboarding tasks.
  • You’ll have access to real-time management information and know what works, so that you can accelerate your growth plans.
  • If an accountant is the best person to take care of your finances, then shouldn’t an expert oversee the sourcing, hiring and onboarding of your most valuable asset, your carers?

Download our actionable recruiting tips

If you want to to boost the effectiveness of your recruitment, we’ve developed an eBook to help you source, hire and retain great care staff. In it you’ll learn how to:

  • write an effective job advert
  • attract more candidates
  • review your recruitment process
  • monitor recruitment using the right metrics

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