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The care worker recruitment crisis presents a real challenge to most care providers.

In the face of Brexit, COVID, and the cost-of-living crisis, many care providers struggle to fill their permanent vacancies, and it can be tough to know how to solve your staffing problems.

The Successful Recruitment System is designed to help business owners and In-House Recruiters to manage their recruitment more effectively, improve their hiring results, and implement a best-practice approach to sourcing, attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people with the right values to deliver outstanding care.

Phase 1.


The Successful Recruitment System’s first phase teaches you how to structure and manage your end-to-end recruitment process with our 5-D Recruitment Matrix. This foundation stage will provide you with the tools and know-how to drive your recruitment proactively, eliminate bottlenecks and barriers to success, and get the desired results.

Phase 2.

Manage & Maintain

In the second phase, Purpletribe works with you and your team to develop your talent attraction strategy even further. You will learn how to get the best results from sourcing channels like Indeed, Facebook, and Job Boards. Additionally, you will develop your in-house capabilities further and improve your candidate experience to ensure you don’t lose the best talent at the final hurdle.

Phase 3.


In the final phase, our consultants work with you to fine-tune your recruitment and retention strategy and develop your in-house recruitment skills and expertise even further. We introduce the Q12 survey, which focuses on improving your engagement and motivation levels that affect employee retention and care quality.

How is the Successful Recruitment System delivered?

Flexible and adaptable, each phase of the Successful Recruitment System is 16 weeks, and each stage builds on the previous learning steps. We recommend completing phases 1 & 2 back-to-back to get the best and quickest results. You can take a break and implement what you’ve learnt, and then come back when you’re ready. You’re in control.

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