When Outstanding Care Meets Outstanding Recruitment

ROC Group is rated ‘Outstanding’ but having been to their head offices and met with the owners and their senior leadership and middle management team, I can confidently say that ROC is not only outstanding but a truly unique company.


Since I launched my business at the end of 2015, I have met and spoken to thousands of owners, directors, and senior managers, covering every type of care service. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and everything in between, but ROC is one of the few companies that stand out.


Purpletribe provides tailored outsourced recruitment solutions to the healthcare sector, and 99% of the time, we are brought in to solve permanent staffing issues. We are not an agency, so we don’t offer temporary staffing. And as you all know, you shouldn’t need to use agency staff if you have your recruitment and retention issues sorted out, and that’s what we help you to fix.


For Residential and Nursing Care providers, Purpletribe are usually brought in to drive permanent staffing recruitment needs so that agency use is lowered or eliminated. Doing this improves care standards, enhances staff morale, lowers staff turnover, and increases operational profitability, to name just a few business benefits.


For Homecare providers, Purpletribe are usually brought in to increase care capacity by improving the quality, calibre, and number of care workers hired. This allows providers to take on more packages, increase hours delivered and expand/grow their business in line with their business plan.


Suppose you can’t solve your recruitment issues in the homecare sector. In that case, your business will either remain static, or you could even start to see your business and all your hard start to go backwards, which must be very worrying for any owner.


However, before we started working with ROC, they were already well ahead of the competition. After I completed a recruitment Healthcheck and Audit for ROC’s Director, Sally Bishop, I was left scratching my head, wondering why I’d been asked to do the Audit in the first place.


With 13.5% staff turnover, which is low for any sector, zero spending on Indeed, and less than £5,000 spent in a full calendar year on agency cover, you can see why. Any company that gets results like this don’t usually call a company like Purpletribe because the numbers say everything is working and working very well.


However, Sally’s attitude to everything is that ‘We can always try to be better at what we do’. This mindset, coupled with ROC’s plan to expand their business rapidly, allowed us to work together. ROC has the team, the drive, and know-how to achieve its goals, but it will not compromise or sacrifice its quality of service for speed and profits.


ROC know it’s a marathon and not a sprint, and as such, the values and company culture that everyone I’ve met at ROC lives and breathes is central to everything they do and the decisions they make. It’s why they are successful, and it’s why they’re so good at what they do.


Since working with Sally and her fantastic team, we have never had so many candidates in such a short time tell us how unique their interview process is, how professional they are, and how much they hope to be offered a position at ROC.


Only last week, one successful candidate said; This is the best care company I’ve ever been to; this is how care should be delivered. One of our recruiters took feedback from a successful candidate who said; I have spoken to Nicola, and she was blown away with her feedback, and she would love to take on the senior role. Nicola said, ‘I loved all three ladies that interviewed me; they were all very lovely people who represented the company well. The way they spoke about their values and the children was excellent. I knew I really wanted to work for this company. It was one of the best interviews I have ever been to.


On the other side of the fence, the manager feedback we have received post-interview has included comments such as;

‘We have interviewed Nicola this morning and cannot praise her enough. Her values, therapeutic outlook and empathy for young people came through in every answer she gave, and she was a pleasure to interview.’


‘We LOVE her! She interviewed exceptionally well and fitted into our core values. The best interview we have done in a long time in terms of empathy, nurture and therapeutic approach.’


Clayton Moore (CEO of ROC Solid Charity) said: ‘I have just come out of an interview for a deputy manager role, and the candidate was fantastic, lots of transferable skills, and it felt more like a conversation with someone we have known for ages rather than an interview. They were engaging and spoke with confidence and understanding, giving great examples to back up what she was saying. She has a great value base and a passion for the role and making a difference to people. Thanks for sending her to us.’


Purpletribe are experts at sourcing talent, screening for values and cultural fit, optimising the recruitment processes and procedures, managing Indeed and advertising budgets, and ensuring recruitment are aligned to both the immediate staffing requirements and long-term business objectives.


However, if ROC weren’t so good at making first impressions count, executing great interviews, communicating, and backing up their values with meaningful actions, all our hard work and success would be for nothing. Time, money, and resources would be wasted, agency use would creep in, they’d hire poor quality people, care standards and staff morale would drop, and the business would be unable to expand or meet its growth objectives.


Care is a unique sector because your business reflects the people you hire, and your team. I appreciate you could say this about every company, my own included. However, the Care sector is unique because of what it does and the service it provides.


Care is 100% person-centric. You have one human being looking after another. The individuals aren’t related in any way, they have no personal ties as such. Still, when you see what great care workers actually do, the pressure they’re under, the selfless acts that so many perform daily, 365 days a year, is incredible. Despite pay and the unknown risks at the time, COVID proved how unique the care sector and its workers truly are.


Many care providers struggle and need help to source, hire, and retain talent, but not because people don’t want to work in care or don’t have the stomach for it, and it’s not all about the money either. They fail because of how they manage their entire approach to talent acquisition.


From initial advert to screening, interviewing, onboarding, and managing and leading their teams and business, every part of your recruitment process needs to be on point. Any weak links will eventually break, and you will never get the results you want and need. However, as ROC proves, when you get it right and bring it all together, you can get fantastic results, hire great people and have an ‘Outstanding’ business.


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